The luck of the Window

Although the effect of the window is not as important as the main door of feng shui, you should know the financial luck underlying the design of the window.

These designs are related to the shape of colors representing the five elements, the installation position and the number of windows. Windows are places where energy in the room is often accessed. So, if the window is designed in accordance with the feng shui space, it will bring many good things to your living space.

The window should open as an act of welcoming the beautiful fresh energy of the outside into the room. It is important to note that windows cannot drain the room's energy and luck. So, please pay attention to some of the following instructions when opening windows:

. In the room, there shouldn't be too many windows.

Windows should not be too wide, and normally only two walls with windows should be used. Setting windows too much will cause property loss
Windows should not face the front door. Because, the air flew into the house and quickly flew out. The consequence of it is like putting a mirror opposite the front door, does not bring good meanings.

Windows are the eyes and mouths of homes and workplaces (a broken window is an eye problem that will occur). The window is where the airway must be opened to the outside or inside instead of being pulled up or down.

Ideally, a window should be opened outside to allow air to enter and circulate, enhancing the air for every person in the home and providing opportunities for living. The door that opens is a positive, positive harmony of the family members. Open windows inside make owners timidly harmful to air.

The window up and down should never be opened halfway because only half of the air coming in from the window will be absorbed and the outside person looking at it has a bad idea.

Although the climate and geography are different and with special needs, the window opening in the West harms the air of family members. The dazzling western sun causes headaches, irritability and ineffective work. It is better to hang a glass ball to turn the sun into a rainbow tint to strengthen the air in the room and create a dynamic.

The top of the window must be higher than the tallest person in the house. Saws should be relatively broad. Window screens air curtains circulating, narrowing the eyes and the occasion of sewing

Window design is shaped in accordance with the five elements to create harmony for the living space.

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