How to clean glass windows, wooden doors, aluminum glass doors so that they are clean?

You have just spent a day off to clean the entire glass of your home but still wonder if it was really clean. Please check it out.

Cleaning glass windows, wooden doors, aluminum glass doors is an occasional job, you can only do it twice a year, but to how to clean and clean glass effectively, not everyone can know it clearly. . Let afamily learn how to do this delicate work.

Large size glass doors

Step 1. Wipe the door

Large doors are usually easier to clean because of the large tools used. The mop heads with cloth wrapped on long horizontal bars just soaked in the wash basin can clean the whole door without fear of scratching the glass or affecting the door frame. For a quick clean, use a wash bottle with as little bubbles as possible.

Step 2. Remove the foam

Use the wipers (tools with a straight rubber blade attached to a plastic or metal holder) to clean the wiper. If you are right-handed, start from the left. Pull the lever in an arc shape, and the end of each wiper will wipe the blade again with a lint-free rag. Buckets or cloth napkins are the best material to do this.

After wiping off, there are still stains on the glass surface, treated with a special glass cleaner.

Step 3. Wipe the corners

The edges of the doors are usually where stagnant water needs to be wiped dry with a soft and clean cloth. The most important thing is to choose a fabric that does not contain synthetic fibers to clean easily and avoid creating electrical charges on the glass surface.

The door is divided into small boxes

Step 1. Cut the windshield wiper to fit

Cut the wiper blades to a length about 1 cm shorter than the size of the doorway. Usually, these panels are identical in size, so cutting one bar is enough. If the size of the different cells, cut to the smallest cell size.

Step 2. Clean each doorway

Using sponges in this case is most appropriate because this material is soft, absorbs water well and especially can get into widows easily.

Step 3. Remove the foam

For doorways like this one should only swipe from top to bottom and dry the edges with a soft cloth. Also note the cleaning of the stick after each brushing.

Following the simple steps above, you have got clean glass doors for a cooler and healthier summer

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