Interior layout according to feng shui

Feng shui means water and wind, a doctrine specializing in studying the influence of geography on people's happiness. Specifically, the influence of wind direction, air direction, water flow to each individual. Feng shui plays a huge role, but it only supports, has the effect of modifying, not changing the destiny completely. It is the factor determining success or failure. If good feng shui will help minimize the disaster when bad luck, help increase the success and good luck in good luck.

Everyone understands that feng shui is essential for one's life, career and health, but not everyone understands feng shui. When they ask people with feng shui experience to help, they do not have much experience in designing, interior decoration so that it is reasonable to use. Because sometimes arranged in accordance with feng shui, it is almost very absurd about the production line.

Therefore, the role of an architect today is not merely to have good design ability but also must have a basic knowledge of feng shui to basically limit errors in layout, avoiding violating the taboo, not good in layout according to feng shui. Steps to design a house according to feng shui architects should get information about the land, the direction of the home, the age of the owner in order to provide measures to arrange the door, kitchen, water tank, stairs ... In addition, the architect must design the architectural façade according to the elements in the direction of the sun, the wind direction, the light, the ruler of the door, the window.

The layout of the interior layout to suit the needs of use and feng shui basically need to comply with the following notes:

1 - Don't arrange the direction of the main walk, the kitchen direction deviates from the standard direction according to the age of the homeowner.

2 - Do not arrange the toilet on the roof of the kitchen, living room, bed.

3 - Do not arrange the downward direction of the 1st floor elevator to straighten out of the main.

4 - Avoid arranging stairs directly to the toilet door.

5 - Avoid arranging the head of the bed and facing the doors and windows.

6 - If the road surface of the house, the alleyway straight into the house should avoid opening the main door.

7 - Do not arrange even number of steps on each floor (Birth, Geriatric, Death)

In the framework of this article we only give the basic concepts of feng shui and some necessary notes when building houses. Wish you have a satisfactory and good home.

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